Our Farms

Avoveg / Our Farms

At Avoveg, we are passionate about cultivating quality fresh produce. We grow with care on farms, many of which have been with us for generations, and preserve the wholesome goodness you would expect from your own backyard garden. Our tasty, nutritious produce is grown on a community of farms across Kenya.

We offer advice and technical assistance to affiliated small farmers who form part of the company’s supply network. To maintain the quality of our produce, we fund the purchase of fertilizers to our affiliated independent farmers.

Avoveg have been nurtured from inception, using the natural ecosystem to create optimum conditions for prime horticulture. Our farms are located on or around the equator with the perfect tropical weather conditions and varying altitudes leading to crop security and variety together with consistent quality growing patterns all year round.

Our Packhouses

Our certified food processing sites in Kabansora Road, Off Airport N Rd, Nairobi, Kenya situated at intersections of two major highways, & within a couple of hours of the farms. Our factories are only 30 minutes from the International airport in Nairobi.