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Our Vegetables

Our employees are intensely trained on high standards of hygiene and safety and the product is handled in a stringent cold chain to maintain superior quality from farm to plate.

The produce is sourced from contracted GLOBAL G.A.P. accredited farms that are spread throughout the country from the lowlands of Machakos to the slopes of Mt. Kenya, across the wilderness of the Rift Valley to the ascending ranges of the Aberdare. This enables the farm base to capture temperate climates to the tropical warmness giving an all-year quality production.

The crops are grown factoring in the most sustainable methods of farming with positive economic, social and cultural impacts provided to the local communities around these farms.

The facilities can process a wide range of vegetables which include:

The products are processed and transported from the packhouse to the airport for overseas clients and to local distributors daily to ensure a consistent daily fresh supply of wholesome vegetables to our clients.