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Our basket of fruits includes creamy avocado, juicy mango and tangy passion fruit.


The facilities can process a wide range of vegetables like French beans, Sugar Snaps and Snow Peas

Our Products

We have the Highest Quality Standards

All our products are fully certified organic, grown according to international standards, and packed in compostable and renewable packaging materials which all our products must meet in order to be fit for your table.

Why Choose Us

We make sure your get farm fresh quality produce within the shortest time and considering cost reduction through efficiency and use of modern technology. You are our top priority.


All Year Round Supply of fruits

High Quality

Global Gap certified farms and Machine Grading Sorting and Packaging


Transparency, integrity and accountability throughtout the supply chain


2 - 5 Days Turnaround time Order processing

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We have a strong commitment to the HACCP system & the BRC Code of practice to ensure that our produce is always of the highest export quality consistently.

We grow & pack our products- more than 20 different crops across 3 different owned farm sites in Kenya. Avoveg directly manages 3 major farms, and owns 3 packhouses that utilize state-of-the-art cold chain systems, as well as a modern MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packing) facility.

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